Rev. Dr. Debora Jackson

djackson color 360dpiDebora Jackson brings 20 years of advanced technology development, organizational management and spiritual grounding as an associate of Executive Soul.

As a technologist, Debora was the CIO and COO of SmartEnergy, Inc., an Energy Services Provider, where she led the implementation, deployment and management of a Customer Information and Billing System that supported over 125,000 customers. Debora was also Managing Director for Avicon, a supply chain consulting company, where she developed the consulting engagement methodology. As the Regional Director of Professional Services for Sherpa Corporation, she was responsible for growing the region's revenues by 73%. Additionally, Debora was Director of Delivery at Sapient Corporation where she led the development of a managed health care system that saved the state of Maine $7,000,000 in the first two years of operation.

Given her experience in organizational management, Debora founded The Renewal Group, a consultancy focused on revitalizing organizations after downsizing and maximizing employee engagement. Through this organization, Debora authored the article “Seven Strategies for Revitalization after Downsizing” and provided independent consulting services to organizations facing restructuring, designing and implementing strategies to foster growth within the organization.