The Soul of Leadership

  An 18-month program led by Dr. Margaret Benefiel and Rev. Susie Allen

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 October 2014 - April 2016

The Soul of Leadership empowers leaders to realize greater professional efficacy while experiencing inner renewal and clarity of vision.  Designed for leaders from various sectors (businesses, non-profits, churches, etc.), this 18-month program guides participants on a journey of transformation as they integrate leadership skills and contemplative practices into their lives.

Program Description:

We recognize that modern leaders face difficult challenges. The commitment to inspire others while also increasing productivity and balancing the needs of the organization can leave leaders feeling depleted.  Long hours and countless demands often result in a deep need for renewal.

The Soul of Leadership program offers this restoration and revitalization to leaders, helping them become more effective in their vocations. Through individual and communal activities, participants engage in a variety of contemplative practices, while learning strategies to address some of their most pressing leadership challenges. During this transformative program, leaders attain increased well-being and wholeness and master skills to strengthen their organizations.

The Soul of Leadership includes four residencies in the greater Boston area (two at Rolling Ridge and two at Bethany House), supplemented by reading, reflection, and spiritual companionship. Each residency week will feature a different leadership focus.

Participants in this event may earn Sabbath Hours from Andover Newton Theological School in recognition of their continuing education.

  • The Soul of Leadership: Contemplative Leadership for the 21st Century (October 6-9, 2014) 

The first residency considers the structures and processes of twenty-first-century decision-making (both individual and corporate) and explores how discernment practices can be integrated into decision-making.  Insights from the fields of spirituality, management, and leadership studies will be combined to examine decision-making and discernment in various settings.

  •  The 7 R’s of Sanctuary (April 13-16, 2015)

The second residency focuses on how leadership efficacy is enhanced as leaders intentionally take time apart from their leadership context to engage in contemplative practices.  This residency will share learning gained from leadership, theology, and spirituality studies as a means to teach participants a spiritually connected and grounded way of leadership.

  •  Contemplative Leadership for Change (October 5-8, 2015)

The third residency will help participants consider how they adapt to change.  Through an experiential, interactive process, participants will examine continuity and change in their own lives and in the lives of groups they lead, and learn how to identify and overcome blocks that prevent them from achieving their goals.

  •  Putting it All Together (April 4-7, 2016)

The final residency will help participants develop a “Rule of Life” plan that allows them to fully integrate their learning and experiences into their leadership contexts.


The cost of the program, for the full 18 months, is

  • $8,000 - corporate
  • $4,000 - non-profit or individual

(including housing and meals during the residencies). 

Thanks to a generous grant from the Imago Dei Fund, financial aid is available for those who need assistance.  If you would like to apply for financial aid, then, before June 1: 1) Fill out the registration form on the website. 2) Email Margaret Benefiel at and let her know how much aid you would like to request.  On June 1, we will award financial aid to all who have applied.  We will do our best to meet everyone's need.  You will be informed on June 2 of your financial aid award.

About Margaret Benefiel:

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Visit Margaret Benefiel's profile page to learn about her work with leaders and organizations.

About Susie Allen:

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Visit Susie Allen's profile page to learn more about her work with leaders and organizations.

Soul of Leadership Woodbrooke group (January 2014-June 2015):

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Soul of Leadership Boston group (October 2012-April 2014, with the Sisters of St. Anne at Bethany House):

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